Kanye on paparazzi. 

Kanye speaking some real shit

Way too real.

@ everyone who thinks hes an asshole


#ALSicebucketchallenge @jaysean

”bheegi bheegi si hai raaten, bheegi bheegi yaaden, bheegi bheegi baaten, bheegi bheegi aankhon mein kaisi nami hai…”

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Kangana Ranaut in Burberry Prorsum & Dior

au meme/crackship: shruti(Kriti)x Nikhil(Sidharth)

Nikhil a Gangster by profession sees shruti one day while workjing on his next mission and is attracted towards her. he tries to befriend her by sending her beautiful messages online(gif2)she likes this &they quickly become friends but they know nothing about each other as they both have a darkpast( gif#3). She likes spending time with him & falls in love with him(gif4) but for him it’s just friendship he is not sure if he wants to take this further he doesn’t answer her clearly & they continue their meetings. one day while they are out she comes across his other side(gif6) and is heartbroken. she decidesto marry someone else even if she isn’t happy  but then our hero realizes what she means for him & takes her away as his wife

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Kangana Ranaut for Grazia India 

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Kangana Ranaut for Tanishq

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What is your beauty confession?

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